Detoxify Your Body with Grapes

Detoxify your body by dieting with grapes!

The benefits of a grapes diet are:

  1. Detoxify your body

  2. Lose weight

  3. Sleep better

  4. Dream more

  5. Higher energy level

For the diet to be effective, grapes should exclusively be consumed for one – two weeks. This period should not be extended for any reason. In addition to weight loss, starting a grapes diet will help you detoxify your body quickly.

The body should be prepared when starting a grape based diet. 2 glasses of stilled water should be consumed each morning on an empty stomach for 2 days. Lemon juice should be added in the water in the next 2 – 3 days. This ritual will keep the body safe from any complications because the number of bacteria will drastically be reduced, eliminating in this way the process of fermentation. In this way the raisins will act more quickly. As mentioned before, 1 – 2 glasses of water should be consumed every morning. The first grapes should be consumed half an hour later. Also, the grapes should be well washed and should be eaten with their seeds.

You can eat different kinds of grapes so that you don’t become saturated with one type. The grapes should be eaten at two hours interval. At the beginning you should eat relative small quantities of grapes (about 500 g in the first day). The quantity of grapes should be increased constantly up to a maximum quantity of 2 kg per day.

When using grapes for dieting, the body can suffer excessive weight-loss and detoxification. The diet is recommended especially for persons not suffering from any diseases. It’s also recommended to ask for permission from a medic before starting this diet. When completing this diet, other products like fresh fruits, low fat milk and light cheese will be introduced one at a time. It is important to keep eating grapes in the morning because in this way the diet will be more effective on a long term. If eating grapes is too difficult, you can try combining them with other products that can be eaten uncooked: other fruits, salads, cheese, milk, honey etc. To increase your metabolism you will have to allow a grated period for digestion, so you will have to eat at every 3 hours.

Here’s an example of mix diet:


The inventor of this diet considers the following 7 elements as been extremely important in a diet:

  1. Reduce the quantity of food

  2. Air (fresh air is recommended when dieting)

  3. Water (stilled with lemon)

  4. Sun light (walk daily for half of hour in the daylight)

  5. Exercises (walking, running etc.)

  6. Nutrition (balanced and as natural as possible)

  7. STATE OF MIND (think positive)

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