7 Most Important Nutrients To Boost Your Memory

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Have you ever wondered what should you eat to boost your memory!?!

Memory is the mental activity of recalling learned and/or experienced information.

There are 2 types of memory:

    1. Short-term memory
    2. Long-term memory

In short-term memory information is stored for a few seconds or a few minutes. Such memory is fragile and is able to hold an average of seven items (phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc.).

In long-term memory we store information for our life / jobs / etc. Sometimes, accessing information stored in long-term memory requires a conscious effort to recall: personal memories related to our experiences (episodic memory), factual data not connected to time or place (semantic memory), skills and performed routines (procedural memory).

The most important areas of the brain for retention and formation of memory are:nutrients to boost your memory

    1. CEREBRAL CORTEX: the outer layer of the brain; stores most long-term memory
    2. HIPPOCAMPUS: transforms information into memory
    3. AMYGDALA: processes emotions and imprints the memories involving emotions
    4. NEURONS: form a network into our brains used for communication

The connection between our memory and food is extremely complex. Researchers are still trying to figure out how memory is affected by what we eat and how nutrients can help boost your memory.

Still, researchers indicate that the following 7 nutrients are some of the best when trying to boost your memory:

1. Vitamin B1

– best sources: grains, sunflower seeds, beans and even pork;

2. Vitamin B3

– best sources: peanuts, mushrooms, chicken, tuna and beef;

3. Vitamin B6

– best sources: broccoli, spinach, bananas;

4. Vitamin B12

– best sources: animal products;

5. Folic acid

– best sources: green leafy vegetables, sprouts and oranges;

6. Vitamin C and E, beta caroten

– these antioxidants fight free radicals (atoms formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules). Free radicals are highly reactive and can damage cells. Antioxidants neutralize them and also improve the flow of oxygen through the body and brain, thus helping you boost your memory. These antioxidants can be found in berries, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, nuts, citrus fruits, liver, etc.;

7. Omega 3 fatty acids

– very important if you want to boost your memory; these acids are concentrated in the brain and are associated with cognitive function. The best sources for them are: fish (like tuna, salmon, herring, mackerel, etc.) and walnuts.

Do not forget that nutrients are best assimilated and most effective when they are extracted from food products. So include the food products mentioned above in your diet and you will boost your memory in no time.


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  1. katyzzz on Sat, 11th Aug 2007 6:21 AM 

    This is an excellent, succinct summary.

    I have included it in my blog and passed the link on to my readers.

    I am interested in neural sprouting for maintaining memory and cicumventing damaged areas of the brain.

    I believe in brain exercise and encourage that with my computer art.

    Thank you for the post.

  2. Nelson on Mon, 13th Aug 2007 1:35 PM 

    I discovered an article that might be relevant and helpful , Acai berries rich vitamin C content can help boost collagen production, a major component of, and necessary for, healthy cartilage formation. Many studies suggest that the use of Antioxidants may help in the fight against anti-aging, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and so many other age related degenerative diseases including ophthalmology.

  3. John Campbell on Wed, 12th Dec 2007 3:50 PM 

    Hi there I surf around the net quite a bit, and there\’s a load of rubbish out there. It\’s good to find some decent content. Great blog. I hope you don\’t mind my link here too. Your post entitled 7 Most Important Nutrients To Boost Your Memory was just what I wanted.

  4. John Smith on Fri, 21st Dec 2007 7:34 AM 

    Good comment. It brought light to an old idea I had.

  5. Acai Fruit Berry Juice Berries on Sat, 12th Apr 2008 3:19 AM 

    Great suggestions for better brain function and memory.

  6. Abdullah S Alarcon on Tue, 15th Apr 2008 11:53 PM 

    Very useful information on nutrition.

  7. acne cure online on Sun, 15th Jun 2008 12:11 AM 

    Some interesting points raised here about memory and vitamins.

  8. Myers Briggs Online on Thu, 10th Jul 2008 4:07 AM 

    I always wondered which nutrients best helped me with my memory. Thank you for the tips!

  9. Acai Juice on Tue, 12th Aug 2008 8:24 PM 

    Great info … I am a big supporter of omega 3 … I have udo’s oli daily and I have found it extremely beneficial.

  10. Acai Berry on Tue, 19th Aug 2008 12:26 AM 

    There is more reason to comment than ever before! Great post! I searched for a while to find the right answer to my questions!

  11. Acai Berry Info on Thu, 28th Aug 2008 6:21 AM 

    Great information … thanks for listing the foods that provide you the best source for each vitamin.

  12. Jason Smith of Sharpen Your Memory on Thu, 10th Jun 2010 2:58 AM 

    Great site!

    Contrary to the belief of many people that sharpening your memory takes a lot of time and effort, you don’t have to be a genius to quickly know, understand, and recall what you have read or learned.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re 92 years old or just 12, anyone is capable of memorizing and recalling virtually any information possible. However, you must have the proper lifestyle, attitude, habits, and methods to possess a super memory.

  13. sleep problems on Fri, 30th Jul 2010 10:55 AM 

    Berries the brain food to improve memory. Specifically blueberriesare the power berries to improve memory. Berries are chucked full of antioxidants.

  14. sell old textbooks on Wed, 3rd Nov 2010 2:58 AM 

    I want to start getting b12 shots. I had one once and it really helped. I have been having issues with memory lately but I think it is due to stress and long work hours.

  15. harley davidson on Thu, 4th Nov 2010 11:01 PM 

    The wealth of the mind is the only wealth.

    University of Cambridge

  16. janey on Mon, 5th Sep 2011 7:03 PM 

    Flax seeds and chia seeds are great sources for Omega 3. The benefit of flax seed and the benefit of chia seeds are many. Both flax seed and chia seeds contain fiber, Omega-3 and lignans. This helps lower cholesterol and can also benefit people at risk for diabetes by regulating blood sugar, by slowing down the body’s absorption of sugar. Flax seed and chia seeds are also both great sources for antioxidants.

  17. John on Mon, 9th Jan 2012 11:04 AM 

    Hey Perfect Shape i like your blog well done!

  18. Dale Morsbach on Fri, 20th Jan 2012 2:06 AM 

    Hey, Nice article! This is very much helpful for my research and i hope to run through more of your posts someday! How i wish i can see you in person so i can get to know you more.


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