10 Steps for a Perfect Tan

steps for perfect tan

During summer season everybody is looking for the perfect tan as white color does not seem to be any more suitable for the skin.

By using natural or artificial rays or products, we are all searching for the perfect tan.
You may go for tanning the skin, but just remember that you must be careful about the harmful effects of sun rays. Your skin may get tanned, but you may develop side-effects like wrinkles, skin cancer or other severe skin related problems. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to human skin and continuous exposure without any precaution can really damage your skin.
Just have a look at the following 10 simple steps and you will see how to get a perfect tan and keep your skin healthy.

1. It is better to exfoliate the skin before going for the perfect tan

In this process, you will have to use an abrasive skin cleanser or sponge to rub off and remove the dead cells. Once the new, fresh skin gets exposure, you will get an even and perfect tan and avoid excessive burning.

2. It is very much essential to moisturize the skin before applying any tanning product

Focus on those areas where your skin may be dry or thick and apply in those areas. The areas of skin which are generally dry or thick are ankles, knees, elbows and the side of your wrists. If your skin is an oily type, you must avoid oil based moisturizers.

3. In order to avoid skin damage, you must choose the proper tanning product

It will be better if you use the sunless tanning lotion as it can give a natural tanning effect. These products need to be applied in a light and even manner as it will help the tan appear natural.

4. After giving exposure to the sun for the whole day, you must take a bath in cool water and apply some moisturizer after that

This will help your skin’s pores to close and it can help your skin glow and look healthier.

5. It is advisable to apply sunscreen and some anti wrinkle creams at the time of taking the tan

Do not think of them as obstacles for tanning, but as objects of protection from the powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Such creams will reduce the risk of burning and peeling and will prevent your tan from being uneven and splotchy.

6. Another common mistake is that people choose the wrong shade for their skin

Most women choose a wrong shade while choosing their self tanning lotion. If your skin is of fair type, just remember to choose the lightest possible shade and you must choose a medium skinned one if you have got skin of medium type. It is better to apply the skin tanning lotion after cleaning off the dead cells. The results will be better if it is applied on the new, fresh skin.

7. Before going for a perfect tan, it is always advisable to go for a clean shave

It will be very easy to apply the tanning lotion on the smooth skin and in the long run, your tan will also look smooth and natural. You will look more attractive in a clean shaven, glowing, and tanned skin.

8. You must be careful of the level of application of the tanning lotion

It is advisable to use it sparingly in a thin layer as it will then help to prevent the streaks and uneven blotches, which are a tell-tale sign of a fake tan. It will also prevent your skin from getting discolored or too dark. But do not repeat the same procedure to the areas of the skin which has got thick layer.

9. After putting on the lotion, allow the skin to get dried completely and you must put on the clothes once the drying process is complete

You should also avoid any sort of strenuous activity or hard work for at least one hour after applying the sun tanning lotion. Any strenuous activity will lead to sweating as it will spoil the tan and result in steaks, which are really damaging to your skin.

10. If you do not follow the above steps, your skin may get spoiled in the long run and your looks will change if the skin on your face gets affected

In that case, you will have no option but to go for cosmetic plastic surgery.

Hopefully you will find these 10 steps for a perfect tan useful and remember that the sun should always be an ally, not an enemy for our skin.

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