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Are you wondering how you can get fit now? Are you overweight? Well, you are not alone. More than two-thirds of all adults in the United States are having this problem.

Most people, when trying to get fit, will try one, two or more diets. However, not all of them are seeing the whole picture. People try different types of diets without taking in consideration the importance of exercising. For most of them, this is the main cause that makes diets inefficient. So, people will start eating that and not eating that and so one, without adopting a more dynamic lifestyle. After 2 days, 4 days, one week, two weeks, they will see no results of their diet and of course, they will no longer be motivated to continue with it and they won’t get fit.

If you are wondering why a certain diet worked for your friend or colleague and does not work for you, well, this might be the explanation.

So, if you are on a diet for weight loss and trying to get fit, then starting exercising TODAY. You will see much quicker results and you will be motivated to continue.

It does not matter how heavy, old or young you are because exercises come in different “shapes” and are great for everyone. You don’t have to start running for 10 miles or swim for 4 hours from the first day. You have to take baby steps because anything is better than nothing especially when trying to get fit.

If you have problems with your legs, spine or arms, talk to a specialized doctor and you will see that there are a lot of exercises for you also.

The most important part of your weight loss plan must be to start and to stick with it. No healthy diet or weight loss plan will allow you to dramatically lose weight in one or two days. Your weight loss plan must be at least a medium term one and the goal is not to suddenly get to the perfect shape, but to lose weight in a progressive way and to stay healthy while doing so.

So, get fit now because there’s no better day to start losing weight than TODAY – tomorrow will never come. Start slowly and improve step by step and you will surely get fit in no time.

If you are trying to get fit and looking for the first steps, just have a look at the below examples of how many calories we burn for daily basic activities:

  1. Walking up-stairs for 5 minutes: 60 calories

  2. Walking slowly (about 50 m per minute) for 15 minutes: 70 calories

  3. Running slowly (130 m per minute) for 30 minutes: 380 calories

  4. Brush teeth for 2 minutes: 7 calories

  5. Cooking for 30 minutes: 120 calories

  6. Billiards 60 minutes: 220 calories

  7. Writing or Reading 30 minutes: 50 calories

  8. Moderate swimming 60 minutes: 550 calories

  9. Talking of the phone for 15 minutes: 25 calories

  10. Sleeping for 7 hours: 590 calories

  11. Shopping 60 minutes: 220 calories

  12. Loading or unloading your car for 10 minutes: 50 calories

  13. Dancing for 30 minutes: 270 calories

Get fit now so that you can stop worrying about your weight tomorrow!

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