10 Reasons To Eat Breakfast For A Healthy Living

There are more than 10 reasons to eat breakfast, most of them associated with many health benefits.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast will provide energy to start the day, helps to control weight and be able to perform well in daily duties. When you do not have enough time to prepare and eat breakfast, you should have quick alternatives such as vegetable omelets, yoghurt, ham, tomatoes and a whole grain toast. Cereals and salmon pies are also recommended.

1. If you eat breakfast you will have better learning abilities and good memory functions

Eating a healthy meal in the morning has been linked to high learning ability and good memory functions. More importantly, adolescents and children need a lot of energy for the day since they get involved with many activities. Those who eat breakfast perform better in the classroom, playground, develop problem-solving skills and eye-hand coordination. Children who eat breakfast complete school work on time. Starting the day with healthy food combinations not only enables you to remember but also helps you to concentrate. When you skip breakfast, your body starts to fight fasting and starvation by increasing the levels of insulin.

2. Reduces hunger throughout the day

Some theories suggest that if you eat breakfast this will reduce hunger throughout the day. It also helps people to make better food choices in other meals later in the day. There is a controversy that by skipping breakfast one could save calories. This is not a good strategy since those who skip breakfast end up eating more at lunch and supper. Eggs are preferred to simple carbohydrates as they provide lean proteins that help you to stay full enabling healthy food choices. This meal should also contain fruits, whole grains vegetables and daily products.

3. Weight control

Eat breakfast for weight control. This is only possible if you are choosing wisely what to eat in the morning and at the same time balance calories with exercise. Successful weight losers who do this have lost around 30 pounds in a year. Those who skip breakfast are known to choose less convenient foods to control their ravenous eating habits. For those who have poor eating habits end up eating snacks throughout the afternoon. At the evenings, as the metabolism slows down calories are stored. Calories are stored in form of fats making it impossible to control their weight.

4. Immunity

This meal boosts the immunity of the body against such diseases like diabetes. A healthy meal aimed at controlling diabetes provides the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and some a bit of fat. Those who have diabetes already are advised to check their blood sugar regularly. If you do not eat breakfast you will be hungry the whole day and will have a low blood sugar. People work most during the day, so what you ate for dinner makes no sense unless you are a night worker.

5. Learning healthy eating habits to children

By taking breakfast parents set a good example to their children. Through them they are able to learn healthy eating habits that they will carry on throughout their lives. If they see the parents eat breakfast, they follow suit. A parent is a role model to his or her children, and should show them the importance of a healthy diet. This gives children energy they need during the day.They go longer without feeling hungry, therefore concentrating on playing remembering, learning and solving problems.

6. Energy for the day

Eat breakfast in order to give the body a lot of energy for the day. Just like any other meal, it offers essential nutrients. Some of these nutrients are vitamins, iron, calcium, fiber and Vitamin B1. It also replenishes ones supply of glucose which gives one high energy levels all day long. Glucose is absorbed directly into the blood stream, if one does not have a chance to eat anything during the day glycogen stores produces energy to carry on.

7. Reduces fatigue

You can reduces fatigue if you eat breakfast. Fatigue can mean lacking energy, tired or lethargic. To fight it one should take a lot of water, limiting caffeine and eat a balanced meal in the morning. A balanced boosts your metabolism giving the body energy to burn. For the brain to function well it relies on glucose. Whole grain bread or cereals are recommended. Therefore, people take most of their time concentrating on more important things. In other words it helps in building of the economy.

8. Lower cholesterol

Another important aspect is lowering cholesterol level, and as a result reduce the risk of heart disease. Research has shown that those who eat cereals in the morning consume less dietary cholesterol than those who do not. A few other products, including, Kashi heart, quaker oatmeal help lower cholesterol too. Claims are based on the fact that these products are made from oat bran and grain oats. Soluble fiber in cereals is also very important but it should be taken in large quantities. It takes three grams of fiber a day to reduce cholesterol. To get that amount one needs to have almost 4 cups of cereals .

9. High productivity

When you eat well in the morning, you will get important nutrition and energy for high productivity for jobs you do during the day. If you do not have appetite or time to eat, instead of skipping this important meal you can opt for a replacement. You can eat bars, smoothies or shake. This will give you enough body power to carry out you duties effectively.

10. Boost mental faculties

Low calorie intake boosts mental faculties, preparing people well for daily challenges and improving alertness. Also, eating a meal with low calories has a myriad of physical benefits. You should avoid processed, fatty foods. Skip sandwiches in the morning as they contain a whopping 32 grams of fat and 560 calories.

If you are trying to have a healthy lifestyle, you should definitely eat breakfast.

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