Top 10 Tips To Avoid Afternoon Sleepiness

Some persons always feel afternoon sleepiness and slump. On a daily basis, they begin to feel very fatigued by afternoon. There are however proven ways they can get rid of this situation.

Below are the top 10 tips to avoid the mid afternoon sleepiness.

1. Get adequate sleep every night

That helps the body to rest properly from the stress of the previous day as well as gets it energized for the activities of the present day. You should endeavor to go to bed early rather than spending some of their sleep time on watching late night movies. You should also try to avoid bringing work home from the office. The time used in doing such work at home could eat into the time that should have been spent sleeping. It will also help to take a shower some hours before going to bed.

2. Limit time spent on afternoon naps

Long naps, rather than refresh the human body, will end up causing more tiredness and will make the 3 o’clock slump occur more often. A moderate nap should be between fifteen and forty minutes. As for persons who do not have napping as part of their daily routine, it is advisable not to start having it, since it may cause more tiredness.

3. Wake up daily at the same time

When wake up hours are delayed, it could make one feel tired during the day. To ensure that one maintains the same time for waking up in the morning, an alarm clock could be set when going to bed. This is allow to avoid the 3 o’clock slump.

4. Reduce caffeine intake for no mid afternoon sleepiness

Drinks that contain caffeine do make people alert once they are taken. However, once the caffeine effect wears out, such persons will become very tired. It is therefore better to either avoid taking them or cut down on their intake. It will also help to completely abstain from taking caffeine few hours before bedtime in order not to be restless during sleep. Such restlessness can deny one a good night sleep, thereby causing afternoon sleepiness or fatigue.

5. Exercising on a regular basis

Lack of exercise is a main cause of afternoon slump at work. It makes the body dull and weak. Hence the habit of exercising daily and living an active lifestyle should be cultivated. To start off the day, it will help to do some cardio exercises for about 30 minutes before having breakfast. Doing this will help one go through the entire day full of vigor rather than feeling the afternoon, especially after lunch sleepiness.

6. Stay hydrated always

One of the causes of mid afternoon fatigue and sleepiness is dehydration. Such a state is brought about when one does not drink enough water. It is therefore important to drink adequate water everyday in order to prevent dehydration and improper functioning of the body. The emphasis here is on water and not other types of drinks. No matter how nice other liquids are, they can never effectively substitute for water.

7. Effectively manage stress for no sleepiness

Stress is a major root cause of several health conditions, including weakness, fatigue, sleepiness. The reason why some people may feel tired by afternoon may be that they are stressed. All should therefore be done to get rid of stress in the body. Some activities that could help include regular exercises, swimming and therapeutic massage. People could also learn more about effective time management as that will help them order their daily activities in a way that will not get them stressed out.

8. Maintain moderate body weight

People who are over or underweight tend to feel sleepiness more easily. Those who are obese will have to exert too much energy to be able to move their heavy bodies to accomplish simple tasks, while those who are too thin may lack the strength to do all they have to do. To avoid such fatigue situations, people should monitor their body mass closely and ensure that they weight moderately at all times.

9. Eat balanced carbohydrates

Meals that are low in protein but high in carbohydrates can cause sleepiness in the afternoon. More protein consumption can reduce the sleepiness that is caused by carbohydrates. It is therefore necessary to consume a balanced proportion of carbohydrates and protein.

10. Eating lots of fresh fruits and nuts

Fruits provide the body with vitamins and minerals that it requires to function properly. Nuts on the other hand, increase the energy level of the body. It is therefore advisable to eat adequate quantities of fresh fruits and nuts at different times during the day as they are needed to prevent sleepiness.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to prevent sleepiness. Just make sure you follow them and you will soon see great results. Don’t forget that sleep disorder is a real problem affecting more and more people. A lot of sleep master programs have been created to aid people with serious sleepiness problems.

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