Running Longer Distances – Best 10 Tips

When you are a running passionate, you always strive for running longer distances. Whether you are running Cross Country or preparing for a marathon, you will need mental and physical stamina.

Here are the best 10 tips for running longer distances:

1. Get support

It is advantageous that you practice this in a team. If not, you should try joining a nearby dedicated club. You should have at least one pal to run along with. Long distance runs takes a lot of time and dedication. In addition, it will help you keep on the designed program.

2. Get better running shoes

Replace shoes after running 400 miles (on average). This can swiftly turn out to be costly, but it is significant for one’s long term health and exercising goals. Putting on aged shoes does not offer any support and may cause body harm.

3. Record mileage

One should note down his mileage daily if possible. This helps one to track his mileage improvement. In addition, recording the mileage will guarantee that one is neither running too little nor too much.

4. Remember your objectives

There are days when runners will want to give up. Optimistically they will be very rare, although throughout these period it is essential to keep in mind what made you start this sport. Whether one sought after to getting healthy, or losing weight, perfect shape, you should always commit to memory as to why you started to run.

5. Have a day off

Pro runners take a week or more off after a major run. Running when your muscles are tired will do little in helping you achieve fitness. In fact, going for a run when you are supposed to be taking time off will only slow you recuperation and performance.

6. Have an active recovery

Whether you are injured or not, you should be active when recuperating: you can have a quick and relaxing jog to loosen the legs up or cross train when injured. Stretching and doing strengthening exercises is also very helpful.

7. Ice is your friend

Runners should ice their legs. Ice helps muscles relax and improves the blood flow. Legs should be iced up to 10-15 minutes after a stressful run.

8. Set goals

One approach to staying motivated is by setting goals. In case you are not a competitive runner, most of you are, you should complete a distance of 5000 or 1000. If you have been a runner for some years, just try setting a new Personal Record.

9. Eat well

Athletes do not have the luxury of drinking and eating whatever they like whenever they want. If one is going to be a distance runner, one must have to organize his meals so that they are close to his runs, but not very close such that one will get a side ache. Most nutrient rich foods should be eaten so as to keep the body healthy.

10. Weight lifting

Lifting helps one become a superior distance runner. So, you should not lift so much weight but you should to it consistently. One should aim at doing some basic weight lifting exercises two to three times a week.

Try staying motivated, set challenging but obtainable goals and don’t push your body to extremes. Even if you are a running novice you could applying these 10 tips for running longer distances.

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