Discover The Top 10 Running Mistakes To Avoid

You do not need to be an athlete to learn about these top 10 running mistakes.

Since many people run for the sake of different reasons, it is essential that one knows what to do and avoid while doing this activity.

1. Improper footwear and clothing

Choosing the right footwear and clothing must be given the topmost priority. One is not supposed to be discouraged by the high cost of footwear and clothing associated with this sport.

2. Diet and dehydration

Diet and dehydration are other factors to consider. Running requires the body to spend a lot of energy. For this to be achieved, one must consider taking in energy giving foods. Caution must be taken not to eat a few minutes before the exercise. Take your meal approximately an hour before you perform the exercise. Do not eat high fat foods when you are planning a running session. Those covering long distances should ensure that they have a supply of water to take during the sport.

3. Spiking stretching and warm-up

I cannot stress enough the importance of stretching and warming-up at least 10-15 minutes before running. This is one of the most common running mistakes. And no, this is not important only for athletes, pro runners, this is a must for everyone who tries to run. Such procedures can help to avoid the aftermath muscle cramps and promote an easy way of breathing during the process. Covering long distances that you have never done before is another mistake.

4. Wrong running posture

Each and every runner must learn to maintain a proper posture when participating in this sport. An improper posture can make one spend a lot of energy and thus compromise the distance which one has to cover. A proper posture is the one that ensures the stability of the runner is well maintained, thus promoting a relatively faster pace. However, it should be noted that different runners can never achieve running at the same pace.

5. Improper running surface

Disregarding the running surface is another mistake. Many of those who run on asphalt are likely to have a toll on their bodies while surfaces such as those made of concrete are harder. Runners should vary their running routes so as to avoid injuries which are likely to occur as a result of using a single surface during the practice.

6. Consider complementary sports

Runners do not entirely use each and every part of their body during the sport. To avoid having a stature that is underdeveloped, it is advisable to participate in other sports which take care of the unused parts. Thus it is advantageous to participate in activities such as swimming, cycling and weight lifting to avoid muscle imbalance development.

7. Neglecting injuries

Injuries must be attended to as soon as they develop to avoid severe complications developing. Avoid taking unfamiliar routes if you are not doing it for the sake of adventure. Notify your closest friend or relative of the route you are taking for security reasons.

8. Losing motivation

Sports should be enjoyed by those taking part. Whenever they end up looking like work rather than enjoyment, then it is the right time to take a break for a moment.

9. Asking too much from you body

If you running partner can easily run 10 miles per day, that doesn’t mean that you should try it too. The correct and healthy way to increase your running efforts is by doing it step by step. Taking your body to extremes won’t do you any good. This is also one of the most common running mistakes that can cause a lot of problems.

10. Running alone

Although a lot of people prefer running alone, a beginner should consider running with a partner – the more experienced the better. In this way you will be able to lean, be corrected when you are doing something wrong. Another important benefit of running with a partner is motivation. You will be a lot more motivated when your friend/s are supporting you.

For those who will clearly avoid these top 10 running mistakes, achieving the best level of health and fitness will never be a stumbling block to them and they will get to the perfect shape in no time. Reading a book, detailed magazine on running for beginners will also help you a lot.

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