10 Tips for Autumn Running

For many, autumn running it’s an absolute pleasure. With temperatures just about right, running enthusiasts would abandon their indoor equipment and go out to enjoy the colors of falling leaves, free from worries of hypothermia and heat exhaustion.

However, the beauty and relative comfort of the season also presents a different set of challenges for runners. So, just plan and prepare a little and you will have a very enjoyable running session.

1. Be aware of the hazards when running

Whether you are running in a trail or in the city parks, the beautiful leaves may also be hiding a potential source of danger. They can cover small holes, thorns, tree stumps or irregularities in the terrain. Protect your foot and ankles by running in clearer paths where you can be sure the ground can safely support your steps.

2. Don’t get camouflaged

Wear clothing that is in sharp contrast to the foliage around you, especially if you are running by the road side. This should make you visible to drivers and protect you from an accident.

3. Consider the weather

Especially for autumn running, the daily weather could be quite unpredictable. So, it is better to check the weather forecast to help you decide what to wear, or if you should even consider running outdoors.

4. Be wary of wet running surfaces

You might have to go through a lot of wet surfaces when autumn running. It is better to shorten your strides, to quickly compensate in case of a slip. This may reduce your speed, but it is far better than losing running time due to an injury.

5. Reward yourself with accessories

You have been training hard all summer. You might want to reward yourself with autumn running accessories. Autumn headbands, for example, may be worth investing. Headbands will keep your ears warm while preventing the head from overheating.

6. Explore alternative running paths

Variation is one important technique to keep you motivated in a long running program. Take time to go where your feet will lead you. This may lead to a discovery of a better track or other nice reasons to stay running.

7. Bring your family along

With the mild weather, you do not have to feel guilty about the time spent away from the family. Bring your spouse and kids along. Make running and staying fit a family affair. Get them all in the perfect shape.

8. Prepare alternative indoor workouts

You just don’t know when the road will get too wet for a safe run. Thus, having an alternative workout will give you no reason to get lazy and lose what you gained in the summer. Don’t say goodbye to the treadmill yet.

9. Stay UV-protected

The sun may not sting as much but you still need to get protected from UV rays. So, you would still have to use some sunblock and sunglasses if you love to run late in the morning or in hot afternoons.

10. Stick to your schedule

Last, whether you are training for a marathon or your first 10K, it is important to stick to your running program. Do not let the cooler air and vibrant colors trick you into over training. By remaining true to your running calendar, you will get to enjoy the autumn leaves more, free from the tolls of over training or the anxiety of knowing you are lagging behind.

In conclusion, if you are a true running passionate or trying to be one, you will see that each season has it benefits. Autumn running might prove to be perfect for you too.

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