Top 10 Health Benefits of Red Wine and Resveratrol

Ever wondered which are the main health benefits of red wine and resveratrol? Well, everyone loves a bottle of wine and some people just prefer red wine which is a great source for resveratrol. Red like white wine is grown in different parts of the world. The color of wine is a direct effect of the type of grapes from which it was produced. Generally, red, purple or blue grapes can produce wine that is red in color. The red color of the wine is as a result of the color of the grape and fermentation process employed. During the fermentation process, the grape skin comes in contact with the juice resulting to the release of color and tannin. The longer the skin of red grapes is in contact with the juice, the intense the red color of the wine.

Apart from tannins that are present in red wine, there are other polyphenols like resveratrol. The most health benefits of red wine are linked to resveratrol.

It is said to have significant antioxidant properties that work to remove free radicals from the body’s system. Many of the damages that happen in the cells of the body have been blamed on the presence of free radicals. This include, among others, poor immunity and aging. A component like resveratrol with high antioxidant properties is advisable thus drinking red wine can actually have some health benefits.

Through the years, a lot of research has been done on the health benefits that could be gotten from drinking red wine. Although most of these studies were done on animals, they have been found to hold true too for humans. That said it is true that there are many health benefits associated with drinking red wine as well as there are health benefits of grapes. Some of these benefits are outlined below.


1. Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in wine has gotten a lot of attraction thanks to its positive effect on protecting the heart.

For years, alcohol has been known to have good cardiovascular effects and red is said to exhibit this effect more than any other any alcoholic drink. This is essentially linked to the high antioxidant properties of resveratrol. It is said to protect the linings of the blood vessels surrounding the heart. Resveratrol is also said to anti platelet properties.

2. Reducing cancerous cells

Studies on the effect of resveratrol in reducing cancerous cells have shown that it effectively slows the spread of cancer. Its presence helps to inhibit the effectiveness of enzymes that promote cancerous growth.

3. Many people wonder about the health of the French

It is a well known fact that the French consume more cheese and wine than other nations. Research on the health benefits of resveratrol shows that it can help slow down the aging process and also act to regulate caloric intake hence helping weight loss.

However trying to lose weight should not be an excuse for a poor diet and over drinking. Even if you are focusing on resveratrol intake, there is always need to watch caloric intake and the intake of sugar.

4. Prevent strokes

The brain can be protected from potential stroke as suggested by studies done in the John Hopkins University through the use of resveratrol. It increases some special enzymes that help prevent stroke which is especially important for people with brain damage and other inflammatory problems.

5. Lower blood sugar

There can be much joy and benefits in drinking red wine as studies suggest that resveratrol can help to lower blood sugar. It also helps the body to maintain healthier level’s of insulin. Thus drinking red wine can help in managing diabetic conditions.

6. Reduce blood clotting and inflammation

Resveratrol and flavonoids in red wine work together to reduce blood clotting and inflammation. This also has a positive implication for heart attacks. The high anti oxidative property of flavonoids also helps reduce plaque. Red wine increases good cholesterol levels and prevent the formation of bad cholesterol.

7. Increase lifespan

Recent research on red wine suggests that it can help increase lifespan by increasing the genes that promote longevity.

8. Fight insomnia

The substance melatonin found in red wine is said to help with sleep. Taking a glass of red wine before going to bed may be just what you need to help with insomnia.

9. Prevent cold

In Spain, it was discovered that people who took more glasses of wine were less likely to suffer from cold.

10. Reduce the effects of smoking

Last in our top health benefits of red wine and resveratrol list is connected to smoking. The effect of too much smoking is a reduction on the ability of the blood vessels to relax. The consumption of red wine will help reduce the negative effects of smoking on the endothelium. The endothelium is a layer of cells that protect the different vessels such as lymph, heart and blood.

Most of the resveratrol consumed in wine is deactivated at the gut before it reaches the bloodstream. However, it can be absorbed through the mucous membrane directly into the blood. As such, those wishing to make the most of the benefits of drinking red wine can get these benefits by drinking slowly instead of simply gulping. Take the time to enjoy the rich taste of skilfully brewed wine while drawing on the health benefits.

Resveratrol has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years especially as a component in red wine. There are so many health benefits that have been attributed to the drinking of red wine. Nonetheless, it is still alcoholic and should be taken in moderation. Different people will benefit differently from consuming red wine. There is still much work to be done in terms of research.

Now you understand the different health benefits of red wine and resveratrol. You are also aware of how this impacts our regard for red wine. It is now obvious that there is more to drinking red wine than just sharing some quality time with your friends.

Do yourself and the world a favor by sharing the good news to as many wine drinkers as you can. Everyone can benefit one way or the other from this important find. But remember, with or without resveratrol, drink red wine in responsibly and in moderation!

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