I’m a 30 Years Old Workaholic and I Want to Stay Healthy

We hear it everyday – the media, internet are full with messages like: “Stay Healthy”, „Stay fit”, „Get in shape”, „Lose weight now” and other messages that can sometimes make you go crazy or just make you hate the whole fitness/weight loss process.

How many of you can say „I’m 25 or 30 and I’m very, very tired as I’ve been working my …socks off since I finished college” or „I work long hours so I don’t have time for anything else”; I would say, a lot!

The truth is that nowadays a lot of us young adults are forced to consider work as a top priority in our lives. The economic and social realities of today force us to live on fast forward and to neglect our health, families, friends etc. Sometimes staying healthy or considering this aspect is a luxury that a few of us can afford in terms of spare time.

This lifestyle is very likely to affect your whole life if you are not careful. Things like failed relationships, health problems that will only get worse as time passes, losing your close friends might happen to you too. The best thing to do is to start help yourself stay healthy, before waiting for someone else to help you.

To help you get started and to avoid that quarter life crisis that might affect your whole life, we thought that some quick tips on how to stay healthy while continuing to work those long hours might help you get back on track, restore the motivation and energy a young adult like yourself should have:

1. If you want to stay healthy, never skip breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day; eating breakfast will help reduce hunger throughout the working day, will boost your learning abilities and memory functions, and will help your immune system stay alert.

2. Store some vegetables and fruits in the office fridge

Say no to other snacks and avoid vending machines.

3. Try a smaller portion or menu when eating in the office food corner or restaurant

4. Avoid eating at your desk

You eat more than you need when you are distracted.

5. Drink water if you want to stay healthy

Water is very good for your health and reduces hunger; also, staying hydrated can help prevent headaches (which occur very frequent when working late), back pains (you will give your office chair a break), cramps. Also, this will increase your concentration capacity (water flushes all toxins from the liver).

6. Avoid drinking coffee, sodas, tea in excess

Why tea you might ask!?! Because drinking too much tea will decrease the absorption of iron which is very important for your body and energy level.

7. Stay healthy by finding ways to exercise at work

Walking is one of the easiest ways to exercise and to stay in shape. Just think that every step you take burns more calories, each movement you make burns calories: walking up-stairs for 5 minutes will burn about 60 calories, writing for 30 minutes will burn about 50 calories, walking slowly (about 50 m per minute) for 15 minutes will burn 70 calories etc. Exercises are therefore a great way to stay healthy and in shape.

8. Include foods that increase your work productivity in your diet

Cold water fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits (grapes, oranges and peaches) are all great products that can help improve your working productivity.

9. Consider some natural drinks to boost your energy level

Natural orange juice packed with vitamin C, yogurt providing carbohydrates and proteins, milk for good fats, fibers and proteins etc.

10. How you sleep is very important for you health

1 in 6 people suffer from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. On average, adults need about 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Sleep reduces stress level, reduces inflammations, improves memory and concentration capacity and helps in the muscles repair process. Sleep is a very important factor to consider if you want to stay healthy.

11. Consider food and exercises that can help improve your memory functions

Eat fish, eat green vegetables, creatine, selenium, resveratrol and folic acid supplements; in your lunch break try games like: sudoku, rubik’s cube, puzzles, chess etc.

These are all great and easy to implement tips that can turn your life around. We hope you now realize how easy it can be to stay healthy even when working like crazy.

One thought on “I’m a 30 Years Old Workaholic and I Want to Stay Healthy

  • September 30, 2012 at 2:32 PM

    A lot of times when I’m concentrated with my work I forget to drink water…the 2 liters a day are a must for a good health.


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