Memory Foam Mattresses vs Regular Spring Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses vs regular spring mattresses – ever considered this comparison?

Spending almost a third of our lives sleeping, getting good quality sleep is crucial. If you do not get enough quality sleep, it can impact all aspects of your emotional well-being, physical health and longevity. Your mattress and its material play a pivotal role in the quality of your sleep. Mattress selection is crucial as the best mattresses will provide you excellent support and comfort through the night.

In recent years, many people have been jumping onto the bandwagon of buying memory foam mattresses to sleep on due to their ability to allow the consumer to have a good night’s sleep. When selecting a mattress, you have to consider both pros and cons to decide which is best for your needs. Here are some comparisons on the strengths and weaknesses of memory foam mattresses vs regular spring mattresses.

1. Memory Foam Mattresses

– Strengths:

Memory foam mattresses can contour and conform to the lines of your body shape, offering a unique feel for consumers. It has an interesting quality which the regular mattresses does not possess. The memory foam mattress has a body hugging “memory” which can create the sense that you are sleeping in the mattress and not on it. It cradles and fits your body yet at the same time, it does not allow your body to sink too deeply into the mattress. This allows the user to have a deep and relaxing sleep due to this comforting and embracing nature.

Nowadays, memory foam mattresses consists of a type of gel to provide a cool and gentle sensation to sleep on. Gel beads infused in the mattresses promote better air circulation through the foam cells. Therefore, memory foam mattresses have superior breath-ability and comfort.
With the memory foam mattresses, you no longer have to worry with your sleep being interrupted as your partner tosses and turns in bed. Light sleepers can benefit from such mattresses as they are motion transfer resistant.
The mattress also provides stability for your body as it distributes your body weight evenly. The gel within the mattress cushions the legs and arms while establishing a firm support for the backs and hips. Also, memory foam mattresses are ideal for people with backaches as they can help relieve pressure points.

– Weaknesses:

Due to their numerous and complex features, comparing memory foam mattresses vs regular spring mattresses in terms of price is the main weakness. The mattresses will go through a process called off – gassing when it is brand new. Some consumers who are sensitive to such smells may find it uncomfortable to sleep on due to the smell. However, the smell will eventually disappear after a month.

Due to the gel nature of memory foam mattresses, the gel will shift overtime due to the lack of care or maintenance. To avoid this, go for reputable brands as they usually come with long-term warranty.

2. Regular Spring Mattresses

– Strengths:

Regular spring mattresses are easily available and are the most cost effective type of mattresses. For those users who prefer firm beds, they would tend to favor the regular spring mattress.

– Weaknesses:

Though you might feel comfortable sleeping on a regular foam mattress, in time your body might start giving signals like body aches and pressure on certain parts of the body due to improper sleep position.
Also, regular foam mattresses cannot give you proper support as it does not spread your body weight evenly. They may also begin to sag after a few years of usage. Any movement in an area will lead to movement in another because the springs are linked.

In conclusion, investing in a good memory foam mattress not only allows you to have a good night’s sleep, but it is also designed to last. Just as its name suggest, the mattress will revert back to its original shape if used properly and kept in good conditions.

More people are using memory foam mattresses compared to regular spring mattresses due to their health benefits. They are great for people suffering from insomnia, backaches, body aches as well as light sleepers.

The most important factor to take note when selecting a mattress is to find the right fit for your needs, lifestyle and health. Every mattress will feel different, so take time to find the right memory foam mattresses that will allow you to sleep like a child.

Memory foam mattresses vs regular spring mattresses – what are you currently using?

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