What Running Surface Should I Use For My Running Routine

Do you feel like running? Ever wondered which is the best running surface for you?

So, when you feel like taking up some sports, you should definitely think about the possibility of going out for a jog or just buy yourself a treadmill and you can do it in your own house.

Running is one among the healthy habit that most people should take into consideration. That is because it is not a sport that you need to put a lot of effort in and also it isn’t a sport that requires a lot of time in order for you to see some results. Jogging or running on a treadmill is a sport that will also relax you and make you forget about the daily problems.

So, when thinking of running, you should consider all the options available for this sport. If you have time and you like the outside world, you should consider running in a park. If you would like to be able to do something else while you are running, like watching TV, and if you do not want to be disturbed, then you should consider running on a treadmill in the comfort of your home. And then there is the possibility of using your local football stadium for running on a synthetic running surface.

There are different types of equipment that can be used depending on the type of running surface. These types of equipment can be found online or in stores that sell sports equipment. That is why people should think very well before taking up this sport because you cannot get away with just a pair of shorts and some common type of snickers. In order to make the most of your running routine, you need something different for every type of surface.

Here’s a quick summary about what equipment you should consider buying depending on running surface:

1. Indoor Treadmill Running

For this category of running, people need first of all to own a treadmill. The treadmill can be bought from shops that specialize in selling sports equipment. Also, there are different types of treadmills out there depending on maximum weight, size, functions etc. and can be used by both running experts or beginners.

What you should take into consideration as well, even though this is an indoor sport, is the fact that you will also need equipment especially for this. Well, you will need special running shoes so that it will not affect your soles. Also, you need some special apparel for running like a short and easy pair of pants and maybe a special compression leg sleeve. In addition, you will need a hydration bottle.

Here are some pros and cons to running indoor:


– No bad weather and no crowd
– No dirt and no disturbance


– No scenery
– No fresh air

2. Outdoor park running

For outdoor running you will need mostly the same equipment as for indoor running, minus the treadmill. For outdoor running you will also need some special running shoes that are especially created for those who like to practice outdoor running. These shoes are created for different types of roads as well, are better insulated, built from stronger materials, have cushioning systems, provide better protection for your ankles.

Also, you will most definitely need a compression leg sleeve because you will put more effort into this type or running because of the rough terrain. You will also need some special apparel as well. You have to consider weather conditions, season when choosing your running pants, tops, shirts etc. Also, depending on weather you might also need a pair of sunglasses that are especially created for outside sports.

Pros and cons to outdoor park running:


– Fresh air
– Nice scenery
– Different types of terrain
– Different routes
– Meeting new people


– Bad weather
– Dirt
– Too much noise
– Too crowded
– Dogs or other animals, insects etc.

3. Outdoor running on synthetic surface

The last type, can be considered somewhere in the middle of indoor treadmill and outdoor park running. The main difference in terms of equipment is that you will need a special pair of running shoes created especially for running on plain surfaces.

Pros and cons to outdoor running on synthetic surfaces:


– Fresh air
– Some scenery
– Special surface for running (decreases the pressure on your back)
– More professional – you can meet a lot of running experts, trainers etc.
– No rough terrain


– Bad weather
-  Crowded
– Restricted access (allowed to run only on certain days and hours)
– Spare shoes (might require you to use only clean shoes)

So, which one is your preferred running surface? Please fell free to add your own pros and cons related to the 3 running surfaces described above.

So if you are thinking about starting a serious running routine, you might need to invest in some running equipment. In conclusion, this is important if you do not want to suffer injuries and if you want your running routine to be efficient and get you to the perfect shape or health you always wanted.

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