10 Surefire Ways to Quit Smoking

As you probably already know, smoking is associated with health problems such as lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, gum diseases, high

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Stress Sources at Work and How to Get Rid of Them

Some surveys say that over 80% of Americans hate their jobs. Others argue that this percentage is in reality as little as 4%. Such big fluctuations may be caused by differences in methodology or subjectivity of the issue. Different people understand different things when they say they hate their job.

Regardless, stress at work is a given whether you hate your job or not. Challenges of the job, pressure to perform and rising expectation, they all pile up and affect our health. Moreover, stress impacts our relationships with others and reduces our work efficiency, adding even more stress. So it’s important to learn how to cope with pressure.

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8 Amazing Quotes to Find Your Running Motivation

How to find your running motivation? Running can be a very painful experience, demanding a lot of determination and effort.

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10 Worst Eating Habits

Have you ever wondered if there are any rules that apply almost every time when you are trying to lose

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11 Tips for Running Outdoor During Winter

It’s difficult to motivate yourself to go outside for a stroll during winter season. Bleak weather, snow and ice, short days, chilly winds and cold temperatures make you feel like staying in bed all day.

But it’s important not to hibernate and stay active during winter, especially after the feasts of winter holidays. If you follow a few basic precautions you can overcome the setbacks that winter season brings to running outside.

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Best 10 Methods of Boosting Your Immune System

Let talk about methods of boosting your immune system and how minor adjustments to your lifestyle can have a huge

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